The science of JaiCG. Enjoy the exhibit.


This is the JaiWay. And we’re feeling it at this very moment.

Seeing public relations a little differently.

We believe that public relations should be more. More than what the industry defines it to be. More than just press releases and media relations. To us, public relations is a cosmic explosion of traditional practices, new technologies, design, marketing, and advertising. Throw in a whole lotta research, imagination, and inspiration while you’re at it.

Conquering limitations through creativity. Unleashing potential through awesome content. Paving the way for trust and understanding through simplicity.

And what’s driving all of these things forward? Having heart to do so. That’s the new normal.

JaiCG public relations creative
TeamJai JaiCG

Never losing that sleep-on-the-couch,
start-up mentality.

Thank goodness we have a really comfy couch.

We began our work in August 2012, so yes, we’re technically still a start-up. But it goes beyond how old or young we are. It’s more about how much competitive fire we have left in the tank – the same stuff we sometimes use to burn the midnight oil with. It’s that invisible force we have inside, to keep pushing each other as if each campaign was our last.

Call it ‘intense’ if you’d like – we’ll call it…

Deep down, being truly in love
with what we do

The moment we lose that spark, we’ll be honest. Promise.

But just so you know, we plan on growing old with PR.
(As they say – when you’ve found the one…you just know.)

JaiWay love
JaiCG public relations company that changes the world.

Believing we can actually change the world.

Public relations is our vehicle to do so. What gets us fired up is the discovery of new ways to apply it. And that happens when we join forces with organizations made up of big dreamers and doers. By enhancing trust and understanding between them and those they care about, we’re doing much more than our ‘jobs.’

We’re fostering progress.