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We Really Wanted to Embrace
the "P" In PR...

So we recently moved street level.
Walk-in-friendly-shop status (can't get any more public than that).

We're fueled by the world around us.

So what insPiRes JaiCG?

The impact we can make together

A case study that you don't have to read.
Enjoy the show.

JaiCG (Jai Communications Group) is a Rhode Island-based public relations company that conceives, produces, and manages content and messaging designed to influence hearts, minds, and actions.


Building Brand Awareness Requires A Lot More than Just Press Releases

This is what we did for Foolproof Brewery.

Jai noun in Laotian and Thai  \ jī \ - heart; core; the most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience

introducing…Social PuRpose

We believe that at the core of every organization–profit or nonprofit–is the desire to create positive social impact. At JaiCG, this is our balanced approach to help them do so more effectively. 

  • Public Relations

  • Organizational Development


Since we began in August 2012:

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